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Sto. Domingo was discovered because of a fruit. Legend has carried
the story of a Spanish soldier, then stationed in Ciudad Fernandina,
who was looking for the famous santol fruits that were marketed in
Villa Fernandina (now the town of Vigan). This fruit sold on
Sundays gained so much popularity in that old town because
of its sweetness. According to legend, one Spanish soldier,
Pablo Arquero, went in search of the fruit and found his way through
the vast forests seven kilometers north of Ciudad Fernandina and
came upon a group of idians near a spring, which was the center
of life  of that small community. It was here by this spring, known
in the vernacular as “pussuac”, that Arquero discovered the
source of the famous santol fruit on May 12, 1742. Shortly
after on August 4, a Dominican priest, Fr. Jose Millan,
laid the foundations of the town by holding the first mass and
laying the base of the present bell tower of the Catholic Church
of Sto. Domingo. This bell tower had a base foundation of nine
meters and after the church was completed, it was made
famous by Diego Silang, the most colorful-lived Ilocano hero,
who became a bell ringer of Fr. Millan and later the leader of the
Ilocano revolt. In his revolt, one of the conditions imposed by
Diego Silang for peace was the appointment of Fr. Tomas Millan
as the First Gobernadorcillo of the new town, which was then
named Santol Domingo. It obvious that the name was derived
from the santol fruit that was sold on Sundays “Santol ti
Domingo” in Vigan. Thus on May 12, 1742, a town by the
name SANTOL DOMINGO was born in that section now known
as the Barangay of Pussuac. The name later on was shortened
to “STO.” Hence the name STO. DOMINGO. 

Past Local Elections

For 378 years, from 1521 to 1899, Local Chief Executives of the “pueblos” or town were appointed by the Spaniards and in the year 1901 up to 1946 they were appointed by Americans. Afterwards, election was the mode of selection.

The following local officials held the positions either as Tenientes Absolute Gobernadrocillos, Capitanes, Presidentes Municipal and Municipal Mayors, for the terms opposite their respective names:


            Don Pablo Arquero
Don Lucas Pulano
Don Jose Alfonso
Don Miguel Palomar
Don Antonio Arce
Don Francisco Quismundo
Don Jose Molina
Don Agustin Dela Vega
Don Agustin Soliven
Don Jose Florentino
Don Juan Sumabat
Don Juan de Castillo
Don Sebastian Arce
Don Policarpio Tobias
Don Nicolas Molina
Sebastian Bumatay
Nicolas Palomar
Antionio Molina
Jacinto del Castillo
Vicente Arce
Mariano dela Vega
Felipe Sumabat
Quinterio Palomar
Pedro Nicolas Jose
Fruto Evaristo Salvador
Manuel Peria
Fructoso Palomar
Pablo Gonzales Arce
Manuel Bumatay
Victor Briones
Gregorio Molina
Santiago Salvio
Ambrocio dela Vega
Eulogio Herminigildo
Pablo Paulino Torres
Serapio dela Cruz
Valentine de Jesus
Jose Palomar
Anastacio Florentino
Pedro Jacinto Tesoro
Pedro Tobias
Rodencindo dela Vega   
Remegio Tesoro Sebastian
Valentin de Jesus Tesoro
Herminigildo Palomar
Hilario Baumatay
Nicolas Briones
Eleuterio Torres
Pedro Alcantara
Valentin Sebastian
Cristobal Soliver
Pedro Bumatay
Gabino Bumatay
Tomas Jacinto Tesoro
Felix Sumabat
Manuel Dela Vega
Clemente Bumatay
Camilo Tugade
Mariano De Jesus
Felix Eugenio Temporal
Juan Carpio
Enrique Arce
Luis Palomar
Arcadio Figueras
Tranquilino Torre Victor
Andres Villaflor De Jesus
Apolonio Tobias
Rafael Soliven
Gregorio Tesoro Sebastian
Bernabe Torre Victor
Leon del Castillo
Pedro Flotildes Rosario
Bonifacio Figueras
Ponciano Toarroja
Eustaquio Tesoro Vega
Doroteo Tobias
Juan Figueras
Balbino dela Vega
Rafael Pizarro
Joaquin Villafuerte
Andres Tesoro Guillen
Rufino Pinom Calestino
Januario Celestino

            Don Wenceslao Soliven
Don Isabelo Soliven

            Don Aniceto Avila                  1899-1900
Don Jacob Tesoro                  1901-1902
Don Wenceslao Soliven          1903-1904
Don Catalino Villaflor             1905-1906
Don Rufino Tobias                 1907-1908
Don Isidro Villafuerte             1909-1910
Don Januario Tobias              1911-1915
Don Felipe Tugade                 1916-1918
Don Alfonso Aranillo              1919-1921
Don Vicente Tacderas            1922-1930
Don Teodoro Tabangcura       1931-1932

MUNICIPAL MAYOR                         TERMS OF OFFICE
Hon. Jose J. Tesoro               1933-1937
Hon. Cirilo Rabanal                1938-1941
Hon. Amante Soliven             1941-1942
Hon. Rufino Soliven               1943-1944
Hon. Faustino Tobia               1944-1945
Hon. Faustino Tamargo          1945-1946
Hon. Juan Quines                  1946-1947
Hon. Filomeno Tadena           1948-1962
Hon. Jose Tinaza                   1962-1963
Hon. Benjamin Sanidad         1964-1975
Hon. Orlino Tesoro                1975-1986
Hon. Susante J. Tobias          Oct. 13, 1986-Dec. 1, 1987
Hon. Nelson T. Torices           Dec. 3, 1987-Feb. 2, 1988
Hon. Miguel Figueras JR.        1988-1997
Hon. Henry Tesoro                1997-1998
Hon. Alfred Figueras              1999-2000
Hon. Floro Tadena                 2001 to 2010
Hon. Amado Tadena              2010 to PRESENT

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